During the Gulf War, Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron-29 was called to duty in the Gulf. Originally stationed with Marine Aircraft Group 29 as part of the Second Marine Aircraft Wing serving with Fleet Marine Forces (Atlantic), politics played a part in our transfer to the AO. Upon our arrival in the Gulf, we were known as

Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 29
Marine Aircraft Group 26
Third Marine Aircraft Wing
Fleet Marine Forces, Pacific

Here you will find links to then entire STORM GALLERY, sixteen sets of photographs which were taken by me (or friends using my equipment) during my tour in the Gulf.

Here are the photos, scanned by Roll Number and in sequence from the first to the last, starting with frame #7 of roll 01, which was shot on the flight line at MCAS New River, and ending with frame #36 of roll 16, picturing my brothers in arms looking over the port side of the Wright as we of the "advance party" going home departed Ras al Jubail for the final time. There are over 450 photographs in this file.

Each link opens to a new page in your browser, simply click on a photo to view the larger image and close the page to come back here and select another.

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Notes Relative to this Photo Set in Text Format

Close to the end of bootcamp, the entire platoon was herded into a photo studio and portrait pictures taken. None of the originals have survived, but above is a scanned image of the oil painting my wife had done of the wallet size photo she carries to this day.